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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar

1. How does solar work? a. When the sun shines on the panels, the panels make energy. A box called an Inverter then turns that energy into electricity you can use for your home.
2. How does Net Energy Metering (NEM) work? a. When your system generates energy from the sun, any extra power not used is put into the utility grid. Your meter goes backwards and you accumulate credits. You pull power from the grid when you need it, and the cost is offset by the credits you previously accumulated.
3. What are the extra charges on my electric bill? a. Electricity Generation – You are paying for electricity you’re using
b. Transmission – You are paying for energy lost when electricity is transmitted from the power plant to your utility.
c. Distribution – You are paying for energy lost when electricity is distributed from the utility to your home.
d. Nuclear Decommissioning – You are paying for the utility to take the nuclear power plant offline.
e. Competition Charge – The utility loses money every time someone goes solar. You are paying for that loss.
f. Public Purpose Programs – You are paying the electric bill for low income families.
4. What is the tier system? a. The tier system is what the utility charges you based on how much electricity you use. The more you use, the higher the tier you are in. The higher the tier, the more you pay.
5. What is a kWh? a. kWh stands for Kilowatt hour. This tells you how much electricity you’re using. The more Kilowatt hours you use, the more you pay to the utility.
6. Why are utility costs increasing? a. Wildfire damage, nuclear shutdown, loss of Government subsidies, aging infrastructure and foreign oil dependence.
7. Why is solar good for my home? Details
8. Why should I choose Solar City? a. We are the #1 Residential Solar Panel Installer in the country (38% of U.S. solar homes are from Solar City)
b. 150,000+ customers, publicly traded (SCTY), 7,000 employees (2014)
c. Full Service: Design, Installation, Financing, Maintenance, 24/7 Monitoring, Insurance, Warranty and Repair
d. Money-Back Production Guarantee – We guarantee it will produce, or we will pay you the difference.
e. Visionary Management Team – Lyndon and Peter Rive combine technological and financial innovation, Elon Musk is the largest shareholder of SCTY stock, founded Tesla, SpaceX and Co-Founded PayPal
f. World Class Financing Partners: Google, US Bancorp, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, CITI, Morgan Stanley – Over $2.5 Billion for financing solar systems
g. Partners and Customers – The Home Depot, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy, Department of Homeland Security, Best Buy, eBay, Walmart, Intel, American Lung Association, U.S. Green Building Council
h. Solar on Military homes and Jobs for Veterans – Project SolarStrong will provide 120,000 military homes in 33 states in 10 years, thousands of clean energy jobs for veterans, largest residential solar project worldwide
i. Top 10 in World’s 50 most innovative companies (Fast Company Magazine)
j. A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau

9. What is the process to put solar on my roof? a. Once we figure out your solar needs, we will inspect your roof and design your solar system at no cost. Once we get your OK on the design, we will get the permit, install the solar, inspect it, and then turn on your system.
10. How much does solar cost? a. Depends. If you want to lease, the system is free and you pay a fixed monthly rate lower than what you are paying now. If you want to own, we put the system on for free, and the amount you pay for your electricity goes toward paying your system. The average house has between 15-30 panels, so you can expect the price to be between $10,000 - $30,000. Over 20-30 years, that is an average savings of over $100,000!
11. What are my benefits? a. Complete Coverage – Includes 100% system replacement costs (excluding acts of God) at no cost
b. Rooftop Warranty – We warranty your roof against leaks
c. FREE Monitoring – 24/7 Web-enabled monitoring at no additional cost to you
d. Production Guarantee – We guarantee the system will produce or we will pay you the difference
e. Fixed Rate – The rate you pay for electricity will never increase more than 2.9% per year (vs. 6.7% Utility)
f. Zero Prepayment Penalty – Make payments to pay down your rate or principal at any time.
g. Repair Promise – If it’s our fault, we fix it. Covers workmanship and property damage.

12. What if I move or sell my house? a. We will put the system on your new home for $998, or transfer it to the new qualified homeowner for free.
13. What if I need to reroof my house? a. We will take the panels off, you reroof, then we will put them back on for just $499
14. Your competitor just quoted me a lower price. Why should I go with you? a. Solar City is bigger than our next 16 competitors combined. We’re not the best because we’re the biggest. We’re the biggest because we’re the best.
b. They won’t be around – The fact is our competitors need the government’s 30% tax credit to stay profitable. When the government takes that away in 2016, they will go out of business.
c. We’re here for the long term – With world class finance partners like Google and Morgan Stanley, Solar City has secured over $2.5 Billion for financing solar systems.
d. Vertically Integrated – We are the one-stop shop. We don’t outsource our labor to unreliable 3rd parties, and all our experts and workers are employed by Solar City, professional, background checked, licensed, bonded, and insured.

15. When is my first payment due? a. 1st day of 2nd month after system is connected to the grid.
16. What if there is no solar production in a month? Do I still pay? a. Depends. If the system is down and it’s our fault, no. If it’s not our fault, a payment will be estimated based on the previous year or the production guarantee.
17. What if I pay the system off early? a. Your warranty will still be in place.
18. How long does it take to install the panels? a. From the time the agreement is signed to installation, up to 60-120 days, however we are seeing installations 2-3 weeks from signing. Installation of panels only takes 1 day.
19. What if I want to refinance my home? a. Yes, you can refinance your home with no worries. Unlike our competitors, we will not put a lien on your home.
20. I’m interested in learning more. What should I do now? a. Want to learn more? It’s simple. Click here to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.

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